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Model No. : 201401 / 201301
Product Name : Instant Marinater

Jaccard Instant Marinater

Complete BBQ preparation tool that instantly marinates, stores and helps transport the meat to and from the grill.

Exacting manufacturing standards provide commercial level vacuum pressure, which causes marinade to penetrate deeply and completely into the meat in as little as 5 minutes.

(6"x 9" / 10"x14") design provides (2.5L / 4.5L) volume, which can accommodate up to (6 / 14) boneless chicken breasts before, during and after marinating.

Marinating chamber’s locking tabs secure pre-cooked juices / bacteria within container, eliminating cross contamination potential.

Tray integrated into the marinade chamber cover provides ideal surface for transporting cooked foods from the grill back into the kitchen.

Tray incorporates a spill guard rim to eliminate mess.

Exclusive stability rib / hinge design eliminates tip-over potential.

  • Sturdy ABS construction
  • Dishwasher safe; easily disassembles for quick and effortless cleaning
  • Made in USA...no BPA
Model No.
6" x 9" Instant Marinater (2.5L)
10" x 14" Instant Marinater (4.5L)


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