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Model No. : TFS4
Product Name : Multi-Station Digital Timer

TFS4 Multi-Station Digital Timer  is a high-performing and durable choice that has 4 different timer mode stations that can be used independently or simultaneously. Its large 4-station LCD and flashing lights allow for easy viewing. The TFS4 has four distinctive alerts with an adjustable volume control that makes it easy to hear from across a large room - making it the ideal timer for noisy work environments.

 The TFS4 features color-coded LED with distinctive beepers for each timer and coordinating key pad buttons. It features count-down/count-up, switchable Minutes/Seconds or Hours/Minutes and recall. The TFS4 is made from durable ABS plastic housing. Non-skid rubber feet or wall mounting keep the timer secured, and its keypad is grease resistant and splash-proof. A one-touch START / STOP button is located at the top of the unit for quick and easy operation.The TW3 is a waterproof digital timer with a large easy to read display. It can be submerged in 1 meter of water for 1 hour. It comes with a back stand and magnet for mounting. It counts up or down and can be programmed in hours/minutes or minutes/seconds.


 • Large 4-station LCD

 • 4 color coded LED and keypads - flashes when

 time has elapsed

 • 4 distinctive alerts

 • Automatically counts up to 99 hours / 59 minutes when time goes off

 • Non-skid rubber feet

 • Wall mountable

 • Keypad is grease resistant and splash-proof

 • A one-touch Start/Stop button

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